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The Bail Bond Missions in GTA 5 are accessed fairly early on, soon after taking control of Trevor.Your contact for these mission is a lady called Maude that Trevor seems friendly with.Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ 100% Completion Guide Car Locations Guide Girlfriend Guide Horseshoes Location Guide Property Guide Tag Locations Guide Map: Vehicles Map: Weapons Map: Properties Map: Tags, Oysters, Horseshoes, Photos Cheat code warning You should be careful on using cheat codes too frequently until you complete the mission where you save Madd Dogg from jumping off the casino rooftop.The game will prevent you from completing this mission if codes have been used excessively; this number appears to be cheats being used 500 or more times.Head to the question mark icon on the map to begin these mission.They mostly involve you trying to capture or take down Bail Bond Jumpers. Bail Bond Missions Map Bail Bond Target #1 – Ralph Ostrowski You get this target after you leave Maude’s place (1) the first time.This also gives you the ability to mix and match different clothing.Firing a gunshot or aiming at anybody in the store will forbid you from shopping there until you leave the store and return, so be on your best behaviour.

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Get into a car and he’ll follow you and enter the passenger seat. Bail Bond Target #2 – Larry Tupper This target (3) is actually accompanied by some friends that you’ll have to go through.

You can shoot them, but it’s usually more satisfying and rewarding to capture them instead. He’s not far, located in a nearby quarry called the Davis Quarry (2).

You could explore the River Weaver or try the four counties ring.… continue reading »

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The adults could be kept in detention, and the children could be moved elsewhere under protected status, possibly with family members already in the country or to state protective custody, such as child protective services.… continue reading »

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