Selective search dating service cost

19-Dec-2017 17:18

Maybe you’re devoting a lot of time to online dating or going to bars but haven’t met accomplished, educated, honest, commitment-minded singles.

Maybe you keep dating the wrong type of person, choosing poorly for yourself.

You better not go around bragging to everyone that you matched with some semi-famous Who's it for: Ivy League snobs Sparkology sells itself as a luxury matchmaking service for "well-intentioned men and women," where the dudes are all verified grads of top-tier schools, and you can only join if you're invited by the site's team or referred by a current member.

Some other interesting details: guys have to pony up a virtual currency to initiate conversation with a lady, and the app provides a concierge service that will help you boost your profile and even plan out a whole date when you're ready to take things offline. The League claims to screen users via some mysterious algorithm that "keeps [the] community well-balanced and high-quality," while somehow hiding you from friends, “business connections,” and coworkers.

‘We have set the standard in discreet, selective and personalised introductions.’The firm, or ‘niche introduction agency for attractive professionals’ as it described itself, even offered a special service for the over-40s and the company boasted it had been featured in glossy magazines including Grazia and Cosmopolitan.

It also claimed that all its consultants, as staff were called, were trained in neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP – a psychotherapy technique based on the connection between neurological processes and language – and this technique was used when potential members were interviewed.

For most entrepreneurs, the prospect of dating or finding someone meaningful to share your success with lands on the "To Do List" wedged somewhere between "Find a CFO" and "Add CRM to the database." Our personal lives have a tendency to meld seamlessly with our work life until it’s hard to discern the two.

The concept of work-life balance feels more like a distant galaxy than reality.

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Dating Services Dating services offer more personalization than online services.

But finding someone of substance takes the kind of time most entrepreneurs don’t have. Approach dating like you would finding a new employee. Don’t leave it up to blind dates or well-meaning friends. Perform a gut-check: Are you ready to be in a relationship? Do you know your non-negotiables when it comes to religion, children, politics, lifestyle, work and personal relationship goals?

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