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“WOMEN OF POWER” This group focuses entirely HIV women’s needs, perspectives and power.

Topics include: dating, family and friends support, how to protect yourself while engaging in a sex, female condom, Women’s Health , and Women & HIV among others.

The knife’s technology captures your body heat as you hold the knife, and transfers it to the knife’s edge, making it easy to slice through butter and other cold spreads.

The even better news is that it works with solids, too.

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The issues of dating a person that is not HIV-positive, as well as dating someone that is HIV-positive are frequent topics.

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is the answer to an annoying household problem – hardened butter from the refrigerator.

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The lightweight knife is the first self-warming butter knife to work without electricity, it features a cutting-edge design and is made from highly efficient thermal conductive titanium to transmit heat from your hand to the blade of the knife, making spreading hard butter a breeze.Of course, the trouble with that is the constant change in temperature from cold to room temperature back to cold again isn’t good for the food. understand the trouble most people go through, and they created the Spread THAT! The butter knife is a heated butter knife which only heats the butter you want to use for that sitting.