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11-Oct-2017 13:59

Todd pulled a hilarious prank on his dad with the help of his friend Tom Mabe.

Todd told his dad that he wanted to help with his loneliness through an online "Golden Years Matchmakers" service.

College brought a series of similar disappointments. Bill handed me another envelope containing the monthly allowance we’d agreed upon.

Quiet and awkward, I’d gotten used to being on my own but I was still desperate to fit in — or feel special. I peeked at its contents: several hundred dollar bills. You don’t know how many girls from the site have flaked or stood me up or canceled last minute. That evening, he texted to say he’d removed his profile.

"Of course, Dora went and told my father and, just as I expected, the midnight episodes stopped once and for all," she writes.

Chiquis says she is sharing these details now "not to be morbid, but rather for the purposes of cleansing my soul and being transparent." Chiquis recalls in the book: “My father would take advantage of those weekends, exploiting my silence more and more while simultaneously becoming ever more aggressive.

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Robert Mitten has been in Damian's life since he was two years old.

Robert and Damian joined our Dad Kyle Spence knows how to entertain his two-year-old son Michael for hours.

Kyle tied a rope to a laundry basket, set Michael inside, then pulled the basket around the yard.

Blue-eyed and tall with an Irish complexion, Bill was dressed in a seersucker button-down and Nantucket reds. After seeing each other for two months in New York, Bill had invited me for a weekend in Las Vegas.

I met Bill on Seeking, a dating website for “mutually beneficial relationships,” where young women — sugar babies — meet wealthy older men who provide financial support in exchange for companionship.

After I got paid ,000 for a luxurious week with a sugar daddy in New Orleans, I was sold. In junior high, they made fun of me for having hairy arms.